Eco-Conscious Clothing Options For Babies


Baby SBJ(St. Bernard-Jacobs) is coming and I’ve been thinking of what to do for clothes. I want to go organic as much as possible and raise him from the start to be conscientious about his clothing. The problem is that kids need new clothes every few weeks or months because they’re constantly growing. One of the premises of conscious consumerism is investing of clothing that can last you a lifetime. It’s about clothing that you develop relationships with and fall deeper in love with with each wear. That’s just not possible when a baby is growing so rapidly. I came upon this blog post and it hit a nerve for me. This blog post on City Kids Online details several ways to provide eco-conscious clothing options for kids. We need more resources like this. Check it out here.

People’s Climate March in NYC #peoplesclimatemarch

People's Climate March

Adam and I went to the People’s Climate March yesterday and it was such a moving experience for several reasons. The People’s Climate March was meant to raise awareness of environmental issues. Over 300,000 people showed up yesterday with different causes to shine light on. There were parents, the elderly, people in wheelchairs, children, veterans…it was incredible. Continue reading

My Closet: 25 Week Update

25 Weeks


I’m somewhere around 25 weeks. Don’t quote me. We’re super bad at keeping track of these things. All I know is that I’m growing and homeboy is kicking up a storm. It’s surreal literally seeing him move and kick. I got a little video of one kick that I’ll post soon. Pregnancy has been going good. The second trimester is awesome. I’m able to work my regular schedule and I have almost as much energy as I used to. I’m able to work 10 hour days as opposed to 15 hours, which is still not bad.

I bought this dress soon after getting pregnant from Etsy. Here is the link to it. It’s super comfortable and I love it because it’s black so it’s really versatile. I tried it belted once and that did not work out. I felt like I was going to explode. I wish I could find more easy dresses like this one.

Behind The Scenes

Family with scarves 38

One of my loves is photography. I know several talented photographers and it’s always a pleasure to work with people who help bring Tabii Just products to life. Here is a behind-the-scenes shot of a recent photoshoot we did. I was clearly pleased with whatever I was looking at. I had so much fun, as always. Can’t wait to show you the end products!

SheaMoisture For Korto Momolu Spring 2015 #NYFW #ecobeauty


Korto Momolu Spring/Summer Show Presented By SheaMoisture

If her name sounds familiar, it’s because Korto Momolu was the runner up on the 5th season of Project Runway. She’s back for Spring with her signature bold colors and vibrant African spirit. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how to create her runway makeup look at home with SheaMoisture. None of the products used are over $20 and they are all available at All of the products are ethically traded and sustainably produced.

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