Why A One Piece Bathing Suit After Pregnancy Is Not My Thing

Beach 3

Every July 4th we head to Bethany Beach to celebrate my mom-in-law’s birthday with her. Even though we now live by the beach, it still feels like a vacation. Planning what to wear is one of most fun parts of any trip for me and this time was no different….except for the fact that nothing fits post-preggos and I have a gigantic C-Section scar across my lower belly. Continue reading

My Closet: Wearing Heels For The First Time In Over A Year #OOTD

together copy

It’s been over 3 months since I had Baby SBJ. I tried working out and I did for about 2 weeks straight everyday. Then, I had 3 major deadlines all in the same week and working out took a back seat to spending time with the baby and working. Pregnancy has changed my body. I’m curvier than I’ve ever been and it’s been fun dressing my new body. Things I couldn’t wear before, I can now pull off. Take this blue dress, for instance. Before, it was a bit baggy on me. Now? Fits like a glove. Everything just fills me out a bit more. This was my first time wearing heels after having the baby. I chose thigh-high stilettos because I might as well go all out, right? I paired this outfit with simple jewelry and simple hair. It’s still pretty chilly in NYC so I threw on this navy jacket that I love.

All in all, a pretty comfy outfit for a new mom.

Post-Pregnancy Outfit Of The Day #OOTD

Tabitha St. Bernard_Full Body

So I’m only wearing all black because all my jeans don’t fit, not because I want to appear slimmer. Baby SBJ has left me with some extra hips, butt and boobs. And can I be honest? I LOVE it! You don’t understand. I used to fantasize about gaining weight as a child. As an adult, I learned to accept my body but I’ve always wanted to get some curves. Thanks, baby SBJ!! Continue reading