5 Reasons You’re Going To Love the Merino Baby Sleep Sack


Baby SBJ is 2 months old this week. Time is flying! It’s kind of amazing but crazy at the same time. He is growing out of his clothes at an insane rate. One of my favorite items for him is the Merino Baby Sleep Sack. It’s a unique piece that’s awesome for many reasons. Here are the 5 top reasons I love the Merino Baby Sleep Sack.

1) This sleep sack is good for 0-2 years. I’ve written about the dilemma of dressing sustainably with an ever-growing child. This sleep sack works well from birth to 2 years of age. There is a snap under the arm that allows you to make the sleeve smaller. You can zip it close and fold it under like a swaddling blanket. It fit perfectly. As Baby SBJ gets older, I can un-snap the underarm and the sleeve gets bigger. At age 2, you just don’t fold it under and leave the bottom free. An item that lasts a child for more than 1 month is ingenious to me.


2) The Merino Sleep Sack is fully lined. It’s freezing in New York. I’ve been dressing Baby SBJ in multiple layers to ensure he is warm. I love that this sleep sack is lined all the way through, creating another layer of warmth. It creates layers without creating bulk. Both the outer layer and the inner layer and warm but thin, which leads to my baby not looking like an eskimo.


3) You can wear the Merino Sleep Sack 2 ways. I like the label on the front so I dressed Baby SBJ with it on the front. You can also wear it with the label at the back. The label is so super cute that it looks amazing on the front. I love that you have these two options. It creates even more wearability for this already multi-faceted piece.


4) It’s super easy to get on. Anyone who has dressed a baby knows how hard it can be to get wiggly arms and legs into clothing. Baby SBJ chooses to stiffen his legs right when I’m ready to put them into a full body onsie. The Merino Sleep Sack has an open ended zipper. You can just lay the sleep sack down, open the bottom completely, slip the baby in and zip it close. It’s so refreshingly easy. I got him in in just a few seconds. It was incredible.

5) The colors are very easy on the eyes. I can’t tell you how much I dislike the garish colors of some baby clothes out there. Parents sometimes dress their kids in colors and things that they would never wear themselves. Until Baby SBJ starts to choose his own clothes, I like to dress him in mild colors. I love that the colors of this Merino Sleep Sack are gentle. It’s a wonderfully pleasant shade of blue in adorable two way stripes.

The Merino Sleep Sack for Ages 0-2 is an investment piece for your baby. Not only will you fall in love with its versatility, your baby will also love how comfortable it is. For more information on this, click here.

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Etsy Pick Of The Day-Soutache Earrings You Can’t Live Without


Etsy is one of my favorite sites for jewelry. I found these gems and fell in love instantly. These Soutache Earrings are handmade in Poland and they are stunning. Firstly, red, black and white are the national colors of Trinidad and Tobago so naturally, I love the combination. Secondly, I’m obsessed with beaded jewelry. The beaded tassels on the ends of these earrings give them length that pair well with an updo without making them heavy. For people with sensitive lobes like me, that’s a huge plus. These earrings are a definite win win. Click here to check them out.

My Solution To Dressing Kids The Eco-Conscious Way


One of my biggest dilemmas since entering the world of kids is how to dress an ever-growing child in a way that’s responsible to the environment but still cute. With my own wardrobe, I try to shop as carefully as possible. I went through pregnancy with only a few purchases of black, stretchy clothing that would fit post-pregnancy. I try to research the clothes I buy so that I can be sure I’m buying clothes and jewelry made with fair labor. I also try to support the local economy as much as I can. I don’t always get it right but I try. This means that I buy less but the items cost more. How on earth do I make all this possible for a kid?¬† Continue reading

Bene Caribe-Fabulousness from Trinidad

Bene CaribeI love Facebook. One of my friends posted a link to Bene Caribe on the Book and tagged me. I naturally fell in love. Bene Caribe is a new jewelry and clothing line that hails from my homeland of Trinidad. I love their bright colors and clean silhouettes. They also have an Etsy shop, which is awesome. I snagged the Bene Caribe Wrapped Chain/Belt in Blue Flame. It was only $40. It’s handmade in Trinidad and each one is made to order. I love getting opportunities to support local talent. Trinidad is such a culturally rich country and it’s high time the world found out. I’m super nervous about the shipping from Trinidad but fingers crossed all goes well. I’ll keep you posted!

Caving To Comfort


Consider my leggings and long-sleeved tee fashion redefined. I’ve gained so much respect for women who have amazing pregnancy style. It’s hard to suddenly gain a ton of weight, carry around a human life 24/7 for 9 months and still have brain space to think about looking cute. Those women make it look so effortless. Yes, I’m talking to you, Kerry Washington! With your exposed mid-section halfway through pregnancy….I know she has a stylist and a team to put her together but I suspect that even if I had extra help, I would quicker shush them away than be fussed over. We’re close to 2 months away from touchdown and I am so ready for homeboy to make his entrance.