Our First Summer On The Beach


We did it! We moved to the beach. We can literally see the water from our living room, my studio and our bedroom. It’s kind of insane and it never gets old. Being on the beach does mean that we get outside more. The boardwalk is right there and the beach is steps away. We love having friends over because we can have beach parties and then get cleaned up right there in our apartment as opposed to getting on the grimy train. This is mos def a bucket item for me. Check back with me over winter to see how I feel about beach living then.

My Hubby, The Professional Clown


I love going to Adam’s concerts. There’s just something about seeing him prance around in a tutu and a bright pink wig. This was the first time that our little one got to see Dad perform. He totally knew it was him, under the costume. He figured it out the second he held him. It was so cool to watch them together. Adam’s such a great dad and I think that our little one will get a kick out of having a clown for a dad at least for the next 5 years. After that, we will rapidly become uncool.

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Why A One Piece Bathing Suit After Pregnancy Is Not My Thing

Beach 3

Every July 4th we head to Bethany Beach to celebrate my mom-in-law’s birthday with her. Even though we now live by the beach, it still feels like a vacation. Planning what to wear is one of most fun parts of any trip for me and this time was no different….except for the fact that nothing fits post-preggos and I have a gigantic C-Section scar across my lower belly. Continue reading